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Not just a pretty face: The blooming teas are not only beautiful, they also brew the finest teas on the market today, dancing on the palate with floral notes and a light, sweet aftertaste. Each Teaposy® Blooming Posy Tea is also individually vacuum-sealed, ensuring that you enjoy it at the peak of freshness.

From the lush rolling hill terraces of our tea farms 2,000 feet above the sea, we nurture the heart and soul of Teaposy: our gorgeous tea leaves. Life in the Fujian Province in China is one of intrinsic simplicity. You don't need a lot when mother nature provides so very well.

The base of our beautiful Teaposy Blooming Posy Teas is silver needle tea leaves. Not the whole leaves, just the most tender tips. Quality in best practice. We believe in it. From growing the tea leaves to processing, the loose leaf white tea is sorted, dried, re-dried before handcrafted with herbal flowers by artisans in a wonderful dance making their way to a stage before you.

Live a life most beautiful.

Each infusion stages the unique sensory experience of a musical performance.

All-natural ingredients and only the largest, most vibrant whole flowers. Together in perfect harmony to create unique flavors and a stunning visual dance.

Carefully balanced to please the palate and nurture the body, these teas also bestow exceptional health benefits. The benefits of tea in all its five senses splendor. Originally developed for brewing loose for stunning visual experiences, now hand-filled into a silk sachet for your convenience. Choice is good.

Teaposy® Simply Glassware. Setting the stage in meticulous shaping and firing, the glassware is handcrafted and blown by artists. The performance is followed by labeling, assemblying, inspecting, re-inspecting and packaging. Many careful steps to bring you a Teaposy smile.
Live a life most beautiful.

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