1. New studies show that breast cancer patients could have an alternative treatment option that does not involve extensive chemotherapy, or an invasive procedure. Vitamin C, commonly found in citrus fruits, could be the key to decreasing death risk after being diagnosed with breast cancer

    Research conducted at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden recently studied the effect of Vitamin C treatment on 17,696 breast cancer cases. These studies looked at how Vitamin C supplements helped to decrease death risk in breast cancer patients, as well as the life-extending possibilities of a Vitamin C-rich diet. The results showed that compared to patients who did not try to increase their Vitamin C intake in any form, breast cancer patients who took Vitamin C supplements decreased their risk of death by 19%. Additionally, a higher consumption of Vitamin C via diet reduced death risk by 23%. 

    Another study conducted at Seoul National University’s College of Medicine in Korea, found that Vitamin C supplements alone could not help fight breast cancer. Main researcher Professor Lee Wang-jae's studies discovered that when Vitamin C is directly injected into the blood, it is has a higher chance of taking effect, especially when administered three times a day, using a 2,000 mg dosage each time. He also explained that patients with estrogen or progesterone receptors absorb Vitamin C into the blood stream more readily, while breast cancer patients who do not, can still reap the benefits of Vitamin C treament if they express enough sodium Vitamin C transporters, a protein that increases the Vitamin C absorption rate. 

    While these studies are more recent, the effects of Vitamin C on cancer have been charted since the 1970's, when chemist Linus Pauling partnered with Scottish surgeon Ewan Cameron to administer Vitamin C therapy in clinical trials. High levels of Vitamin C were injected in a patient's blood stream to measure their impact on infections, lethargy, and cancer cells. The results were similar to the Karolinska Institutet's findings, and in some cases, Vitamin C therapy increased the lifespan of terminal cancer patients by six years. 

    Vitamin C injections, serums, or supplements also have other benefits. It has been used in several cosmetic procedures to boost collagen production, and improve the overall look of aging skin. The vitamin works under the epidermis, neutralizing oxidized particles of skin that disrupt even skin tone, subsequently improving the appearance of wrinkled or dull skin. 

    With the help of these new studies on Vitamin C, breast cancer patients could have a more pleasant alternative to the side effects of chemotherapy. The complete benefits of Vitamin C as a holistic treatment for breast cancer is not conclusive as of yet, but the research indicates that it could be a critical step in the direction of a more natural treatment.

  2. People all over the world are engaging in behaviors that result in spinal injuries and respiratory problems. Most people even do it every day, New Zealand television network TVNZ revealed on April 4. What is it? Hunching over smartphones and tablets is a problem, chiropractor Dr. Tammy Hune tells TVNZ. "Sitting to our spine is like sugar to our teeth -- it causes decay and dysfunction," Hune continues.

    There is good news, however. Natural remedies can correct our posture, relieve back pain, and even promote overall health and wellness. Here are some natural ways to feel your best:

    Strike a Pose (A Yoga Pose, That Is)

    Practicing yoga is extremely beneficial -- to your body and mind! First and foremost, yoga will easily address the problem of bending over your smartphone or computer. "Yoga poses can help counteract your tendency to slouch as well as increase body awareness, improving your posture," writes. Furthermore, U-T San Diego adds, "Yoga’s bends and twists can strengthen areas that are weak and lead to less pain." In other words, yoga can relieve pain from improper posture -- and encourage healthy alignment to prevent future pain. This is welcome news, especially give that musculoskeletal injuries from poor ergonomics account for wholly one-third of all workplace injuries! Yoga also helps ease migraines, relieve stress, and promote restful sleep, The Huffington Post reports.

    Put Your Mind At Ease

    According to Bloomberg and Harvard researchers, meditation can counteract genes linked to stress and boost immunity to disease. Researcher John Denninger adds that meditation has a whole body effect, benefiting your entire system -- not just your brain. Yoga teacher Mitchel Bleier advises beginners, "The key is to try and be still and focus just on the breath. No moving, no reacting, just stay present."

    Eat Better to Feel Better

    Eating healthier foods similarly impacts your overall well-being. Balanced diets boost energy, help with weight control, and can even curb depression. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and avoid eating processed foods whenever possible. Take advantage of natural super foods, like avocados, chia seeds, and green tea, for an extra kick. Avocados are packed with proteins and healthy fats, helping you stay slim. The protein-packed food also helps maintain healthy, glowing skin. Similarly, drinking two to three cups of green tea per day helps kick start your metabolism. Regular green tea drinkers also decrease heart attack risks by as much as 44%, FitDay adds.

    Changing a few habits promotes overall health, eliminates stress, and reduces the likelihood of crippling back pain. Get on the right track by practicing yoga to strengthen your body and relieve aches, meditating to ease daily troubles, and eating healthy for more energy and a trim figure.

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