Sonata Herbal Tea
Sonata Herbal Tea
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Contains 7 caffeine-free herbal flowers and leaves: Hibiscus, Lily, Rose, Lavender, Chinese Globeflower, Sweet Leaves, and Forget-Me-Not.

A burst of ripe cherries, followed by a sweet, soft aftertaste that lingers like a spring melody, this infusion refreshes the spirit and energizes the mind.

2 ways to make your tea:
Tea sachet - Immerse sachet in a cup or teapot filled with gently boiled water until the infusion has reached the desired strength: takes about 2-5 minutes.
Loose-leaf - Empty 1 or 2 sachets into a 12oz teapot. Fill with gently boiled water and watch... about 2-5 minutes. Keep your flowers fresh by topping off the pot as you sip the wondrous brew.

Also wonderful as iced tea when poured over ice.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 4.0
Tastes great iced, strong fruity flavor and the smallest bit tart. I always open up the sachet for the concert series since they're just too pretty. Written by Michelle on Fri 20 Nov 2015 4:17:04 AM GMT
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