Simply Glass

Simply Glass Heat-Resistant Teaware

When you brew our gourmet herbal teas, enjoy the tea flower's elegant dance. Simply Glass is the perfect stage for the dance of Blooming Posy Teas. Each piece is handmade from 20% recycled material, and has its own unique charm. This means that you and everyone at your table has a one-of-a-kind tea experience. Using only heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this teaware can handle a temperature range of -4 °F to 300 °F, so you can rely on it for years to come! Browse our selection of elegant teapots, teacups, and mugs today.

 Glass Teapots + Tea (Coffee) Press
Tea for One Glass TeapotTea for One Glass Teapot12oz (350ml): A singular moment. In one perfect pot of tea
Tea for Two Glass TeapotTea for Two Glass Teapot16oz (470ml): Two for tea. One for you. One for me
Daydream Glass TeapotDaydream Glass Teapot24oz (700ml): How many dreams can you fill a teapot with?
Harvest TeapotHarvest Teapot48oz (1,200ml): Gather around. Family. Friend. You.
Juliet Double Walled Glass Coffee | Tea PressJuliet Double Walled Glass Coffee | Tea Press17oz (500ml): Double-walled. Pressed for time? Short and quick, please.
Tea for More TeapotTea for More Teapot48oz (1,200ml): a big teapot on a bamboo stand for a big tea party.
Glass Tea Cups + Mug
Socrates Double Walled Glass Teacups (Set of 2)Socrates Double Walled Glass Teacups (Set of 2)6oz (160ml): You can never have enough double-walled smart cups. (Set of Two)
Socrates Double Walled Glass Cup+Saucer (Set of 2)Socrates Double Walled Glass Cup+Saucer (Set of 2)6oz (160ml) double-walled: Hot tea hot. Iced tea cold.
Tea for More Cup+SaucerTea for More Cup+Saucer6oz (160ml): A big sip, coffee or tea?
Soul Mates Cup + SaucerSoul Mates Cup + Saucer3oz (80ml): Just right for tea tasting or tea with teddy. Or perhaps an espresso for you.
Rondo Double Walled Glass CupRondo Double Walled Glass Cup14oz (400ml) double-walled: Big hearted. Irresistible.
Glass Tea Warmers
Light My Fire Tea WarmerLight My Fire Tea WarmerCompatible with 24oz or smaller teapots: Warm a teapot and a heart.
Tea for More Tea WarmerTea for More Tea WarmerMade for the Tea for More teapot. Also compatible with other small or large teapots: An extra warmth.
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