Posy Sets to Share + Keep
Give yourself the gift of a Posy Set, let a flower unfold and reveal its beauty just for you. Enjoy a moment of sweet quiet. Sit back, relax and breathe in the soothing aroma of jasmine. Bring the gift of a Posy Set to a loved one to show you care, to celebrate time together and to have fun.

TeaPosy.com offers a wide assortment of blooming and loose leaf tea medleys that are perfect for introducing new people to! These sets come with unique and elegant Simply Glass teapots that are ideal for brewing and displaying your whimsical, colorful tea flowers.

Treat yourself to a gift, choose style and relaxation; choose Teaposy.com. We have a perfect herbal blend for every day and any weather. Check out our flavorful Posy Sets today!

Posy Sets to Share + Keep
Blossom + RondoBlossom + RondoIncludes a variety of 6 blooming teas, and a 14oz double-walled rondo cup.
Blossom Posy SetBlossom Posy SetIncludes a box of medley teas and a tea-for-two teapot with glass filter.
Celebrate Posy SetCelebrate Posy SetIncludes 8 assorted blooming teas, 2 loose leaf tea sachets and a 24oz teapot.
Charme Posy SetCharme Posy SetIncludes 3 unique blooming teas, 2 loose leaf tea sachets, a 16oz teapot and an 8oz cup.
Dream Posy SetDream Posy SetIncludes a box of medley teas, a daydream teapot and a light-my-fire warmer.
Posy Bath SetPosy Bath Set
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