Posy Sets to Share + Keep
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Blossom + RondoBlossom + RondoIncludes a variety of 6 blooming teas, and a 14oz double-walled rondo cup.
Blossom Posy SetBlossom Posy SetIncludes a box of medley teas and a tea-for-two teapot with glass filter.
Celebrate Posy SetCelebrate Posy SetIncludes 8 assorted blooming teas, and a 24oz teapot.
Charme Posy SetCharme Posy SetIncludes 3 unique blooming teas, a 16oz teapot and an 8oz cup.
Dream Posy SetDream Posy SetIncludes a box of medley teas, a daydream teapot and a light-my-fire warmer.
Garden Posy SetGarden Posy SetIncludes a box of medley teas, a tea-for-two teapot and 2 soul mates cup+saucer.
Posy Bath SetPosy Bath Set
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