ANSWERS for teaposy teas

What is the teaposy difference?
Teaposy blooming teas are made with highest grade of rare silver needle white tea leaves. We work directly with tea farms and factories. Over 80% of our tea leaves are select spring harvest, the highest quality of the year. We scent our teas only with natural jasmine flowers. No artificial flavors are used. We submit the raw materials harvested and final finished products to reputable labs for testing and inspection to ensure our products meet world class standards. Our factory holds 8 blooming tea design patents in China.  go to top

What do blooming teas taste like?
Our white blooming teas are made from the finest silver needle white tea and lightly scented with fresh jasmine flowers. A sip of these remarkable teas reveals a subtle jasmine aroma and a lingering pure, sweet finish, but this is where the likeness ends... Each teaposy bloom is crafted with a different type of flower, infusing it with distinct tea qualities found only in nature.

Medley Noir is the black tea version of our blooming teas collection, made with the black silver needle teas buds. They will remind you of the familiar rich taste found in fine English afternoons, only milder. The lasting floral aromas released from the blooms hearken to the flower fields of the countryside.  go to top

What are the nutritional values of your blooming teas?
Teaposy blooming teas are fat free, protein free, carbohydrate free, and thus have no calories. They contain high levels of polyphenol, an antioxidant that has been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.  go to top

Do your teas contain caffeine?
Our teas are not decaffeinated. Our Sonata and Symphony teas are all-herbal teas and are naturally caffeine free. Our white tea based blooming teas contain very low caffeine, as white teas are known to have the lowest caffeine content among all caffeinated teas or coffee drinks. A cup of white tea contains an average of 8-15mg caffeine while a cup of coffee provides 60-120mg. The Medley Noir teas have a caffeine content similar to that of other black teas.

It is worth noting that whereas the caffeine in coffee is absorbed rapidly into the body, thus stimulating an immediate increase in blood circulation and cardiovascular activity, the polyphenols in tea are thought to slow down the rate of absorption. The effects of the caffeine are felt more slowly but remain in the body longer, thus making tea a refreshing and revitalizing beverage.  go to top

Are your teas gluten free?
Our blooming teas are gluten free. The factory location does not produce products besides blooming teas. The teas are scented with fresh jasmine flowers of the season.

One of our concert teas (Symphony) contains barley. Our concert teas are produced in a different location.  go to top

Do your teas contain nuts?
The Let It Snow blooming tea contains coconut fruit fiber. No other teas in our collection contain any form of nut. Let It Snow is a special design of our blooming teas; we sell them only in their own packaging or in the Snow Dance gift set. They are not included in any of our mixed packs such as Medley, Quartet or Medley Noir.  go to top

Could you tell me more about how the teaposy ingredients are grown and harvested, in terms of organic standards or pesticide/herbicide use?
Our products are not certified organic. It is very expensive to go through the certification process, not to mention the high cost for the maintenance of the certificate after it is acquired; however, we have been exporting to Europe for 4 years. For us to be able to export to the EU, we have to pass very strict pesticides-residual-free testing. The testing standard is even more strict in Germany than the rest of EU. We partnership strictly with only one tea farm/factory who owns silver needle tea farms and jasmine gardens, and has implemented an excellent quality control process. We obtain herbal flowers from steady suppliers from other regions of China. We run testing on raw materials before production to ensure they meet EU pesticides-residual-free testing requirements. We then go through a proprietary process on the flowers (gentle steaming/dry) for further cleaning before starting the crafting process. After the teas are crafted, they are scented with the fresh jasmine flower (no natural or artificial flavorings are used at all). The whole process includes several drying procedures, and the final products undergo UV light treatment before packaging.  go to top

How do I properly brew a blooming tea?
The blooming teas are tied very tightly, so water heated to boiling is essential for them to bloom properly. Use a heat resistant glass teapot with a relatively wide base to enjoy the experience. It takes a minute or two for a teaposy to bloom in boiling hot water; however, each one has a unique character, and some of them may take longer. If the water is not hot enough, it can also take a bit more time. Remember, this is a good opportunity for patience and to have a moment for yourself. :-)

Once the tea reaches full bloom, it is ready for your first cup of tea, which offers a stronger aroma with a light flavor.

Keep adding hot water gently to the pot, and take your time. Avoid pouring water directly on top of the already blossomed flower, but rather pour along the side of the pot. Flavor gradually increases as aroma decreases with each following cup. You may be surprised how many cups of tea one teaposy can offer you and your friends.  go to top

How many cups can I make from 1 teaposy blooming tea?
You can get 4 to 6 pots (~80oz) of tea out of 1 teaposy blooming tea by continuing to add hot water gently to your pot. Silver needle teas are known to be slow-brewing teas. Your patience along with a tea warmer may bring you even more cups.  go to top

Can I save the tea if I cannot finish it?
We do not recommend leaving unfinished tea with leaves overnight. You may consider pouring the tea into a container and saving it in the refrigerator for iced tea, or to warm it up the next day for hot tea.  go to top

Can I make iced teas from teaposy teas?
Yes. Iced teaposy teas are surprisingly good and refreshing. Please try making some . We have been told by customers that the Sonata and Symphony teas from the posy concert series are exceptionally good when made into iced teas.

To make iced posy concert teas: Steep one tea bag in a 12 oz cup or pot with hot water, wait for several minutes until the tea reaches the desired strength, and then pour the tea liquor into your favorite cup filled with ice. Enjoy. The Sonata tea from this tea series is naturally sweetened by sweet leaves from the ingredients.

To make iced posy blooming teas: Brew the tea as described in "how do I properly brew a blooming tea?", then pour each pot of tea brewed into a small pitcher filled with ice. Please do not forget that you can get ~80oz or more of refreshing tea drinks from a single blooming tea bulb.  go to top

Can I keep the posy flower after I am done with my tea?
Yes, you can keep your teaposy blooming tea flower in a glass container with cold water to display and enjoy the blossom for a few more days. Avoid pouring water directly on top of the blossomed flower, but gently pour along the side of the container. This way your flower can stay as intact as possible. If you change water from time to time, the blossom may last for weeks.  go to top

Do I need the tea warmer?
It is not required, although it is a nice way to stay cozy. Use a teaposy warmer to warm your tea and to accentuate its flower power.  go to top

How are teaposy blooming teas made?
Hand picked in spring, the outer leaves are plucked, leaving only the new buds to be used in the tea production process. They are withered and dried at a high temperature. This process completes the production of silver needle loose leaf teas.

The loose tea leaves are then sorted and tied with natural cotton threads to make tea bundles. Each bundle weighs the same and contains leaves of the same length. Herbal flowers are sewn into the bundles, shaped and then dried again at a high temperature to complete the handcrafting process.

The unscented blooming tea pods are wrapped in cheese cloths and then mixed with freshly picked jasmine flowers to go through a complicated scenting process.

They will be dried again at a high temperature, thus removing any remaining impurities. The final tea bulbs then undergo a UV light treatment and are vacuum-sealed immediately after that.

Watch the teaposy farm and factory video to see part of the process.  go to top

What are the employment conditions for the tea farmers/teaposy assemblers?
The employees of the blooming tea factory are mostly wives with children going to the school near the factory. They usually come to work after they have sent the kids to school, and they do not have a fixed work schedule. They can simply come and go. When it's time for them to prepare lunch or dinner, or there are chores to run, they leave. They really like to come to the factory, even after dinner because they can socialize with the other women during work while earning extra income for the family.

In 2007, we were audited by the CSCC (labor and safety consultation organization) to ensure that we were in compliance with the Costco Code of Conduct.  go to top

Is blooming tea a traditional part of ancient eastern cultures?
No, it is not. It started in China in about 1995. Our partner tea farm/factory hand-tied some silver needle tea leaves and a plum flower with cotton thread. That was the first blooming tea on the market from our tea farm. There is another tea farm in a different region of China that produces a type of green tea called Mao Feng. They also said that they invented blooming teas. Nobody really knows who made the very first blooming tea, but each different design does have a patented owner. Our tea factory holds 8 blooming tea design patterns.  go to top

 ANSWERS for teaposy glassware

Is teaposy glassware dishwasher safe?
Yes, teaposy glassware is dishwasher safe, although hand washing is preferred. Place on the top rack in your dishwasher.  go to top

Can I put teaposy glassware on the stovetop?
Teaposy glassware is not meant to be used to boil water like a kettle.  However, you may put teaposy glassware on a gas stovetop with very low heat for the purpose of keeping your tea warm only.  Do not use teaposy glassware on electric stoves.  go to top

Can I microwave teaposy glassware?
You can microwave single-walled teaposy glassware which do not contain any metal filter or handle. Do not microwave the double-walled glassware.  go to top

Are there advantages in using glassware to brew tea?
The advantage of using glassware to brew tea is that you can see the quality of the tea leaves and the color of the tea liquor. High quality tea leaves actually prefer glassware to show off their beauty. :-)  go to top

Is there lead in your glassware?
No. There is no lead or cadmium in teaposy glassware, tested by the SGS.  go to top

My teapot lid fell off, the saucer of my teacup set is broken, I lost the filter... can I buy replacement parts?
Yes, you can. Please send an email to hello@teaposy.com, and tell us which part of which teapot you are looking for. We will be happy to assist you. In the near future, we will have a section for glassware parts on the web site and you will be able to purchase them directly from the web store.  go to top

Where is the teapot handle? I can't find it.
The handle for the Tea for One teapot, or the Tea for More teapot is covered by one of the inside flaps of the packaging box. We truly hope you have not thrown out the box yet and that you find the handle there. If you can't find it, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.  go to top

 ANSWERS for shopping from this site

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and Diners Club Card. We also accept payment through PayPal.  go to top

Do you accept money orders or personal checks?
We can also accept money orders or personal checks, but the order process will take much longer. You will have to contact us by phone to place your order. The product will not be shipped until the money order is received or the personal check is cleared by bank. There will be a $25.00 fee if a check is rejected.  go to top

Is your site secure?
Yes. Our site is hosted on secure servers, and the checkout process is encrypted for your protection. go to top

Do I have to pay sales tax?
The sales tax is 8% for any products shipped to an address in the New York State. There is no sales tax if you ship to an address outside of New York State. go to top

What is your shipping charge and how long does it take for delivery?
Shipping and handling is free for orders over $100.00 using FedEx Ground service or US Postal Service Priority Mail. It usually takes about 5 business days to delivery within the 48 states. For orders under $100.00, or any other shipping related questions, please read our shipping policy for detail.  go to top

Is my order insured?
Yes. All orders are insured through the selected shipping carrier.  go to top

What is your return policy?
Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. You may return any unopened item you are dissatisfied within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Please see our return policy for detail.  go to top

What to expect when an item is backordered?
If an item you purchased is backordered, we will contact you with further instructions. If you decide to keep your order and wait for the product, you will not be charged until the product is shipped, and we will notify you with a tracking number once it is shipped.  go to top

What do I do if I have problems with my order?
If you have problems with your order, please contact us immediately so that we may answer your questions and resolve your concerns quickly.  go to top

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